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Each Year the ECMTC try to supports a charity or organisation in a bid to help raise needed funds for the chosen group, and this year the charity is the wellspring based in Stockport. The Wellspring aim is to help homeless and disadvantaged people in the community. I would like you to cast your mind back to the recent bad weather, the Beast form the east and the amount of snow that was on the ground and how it had effect on our daily lives. Now imagine instead of going home to a nice warm house you had to sleep out in that weather? without getting political we have seen massive government cut backs to council funding. So, without charities like the Wellspring and all the brilliant staff mainly volunteers who run the centre. so many of these people would not get the help that they need

The Wellspring provides services to homeless and disadvantaged people 365 days a year. The aim of the project is to support people out of homelessness and to become independent of services. The Wellspring is not just a place where homeless people and those at risk of homelessness can get food but to their credit, the Wellspring have provided over 50,000 much needed free meals. But they are so much more

They provide advice and guidance on homelessness situations and circumstances and lots of other topics. They don’t judge anyone, they sit down with each individual and create a plan of action to take to improve their situation, and this could be either a long term or a short-term goal. The Wellspring staff are very knowledgeable of the benefits system, housing law, employment, mental health, drugs and alcohol, debt, criminal justice, So the people in need get the right help. As a part of that help, the Wellspring provides educational courses to give people with low skill levels the skills and confidence to become independent. The Wellspring also provides many health services, helping to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless and disadvantaged people. They actively engage with people who are at risk of becoming homeless in the future.  They have amazingly provided 50,000 free meals last year alone. Over 4000 people are off the streets, and into accommodation, supported by The Wellspring.  Now saying all that, you may think that they receive government grants and council subsidises. But sadly no. The Wellspring is a registered charity They are not government or council funded they survive on the help and generosity of people and business of Stockport and around the country, so this is why we ask you to dig deep into your pockets and give generously at the end of each performance.  

Kind regards

Jonathan Billings

Chief Executive Officer

The Wellspring